We aim to bring out the best in your staff through bespoke training, facilitation and coaching

At ACP, we encourage individuals to take personal responsibility for their own learning and behaviours. We believe that success can often be found outside of personal comfort zones. Whilst we support your staff by creating safe learning environments, our training and development will also push them, to be courageous, to try out new approaches and to stretch themselves to be the best they can be, so they can succeed.
We grow your people – your people grow your business.
Your business is always put front and centre in the design and delivery of our learning and development solutions. In fact, we couldn’t do it any other way and while we can offer a wide range of training programmes, we specialise in five key areas.

Leadership and Management Development
Helping your managers to steer the right course
ACP can help you develop leadership at all levels in your organisation. Through a structured management and leadership learning journey, or via one-to-one coaching, we can help grow managers into transformational leaders. 
Often managers are promoted into a leadership role because of their technical capability. But being an effective leader requires a different skill-set. We equip managers with the know-how to build resilient teams, develop a compelling vision, and to engage and empower the people around them. We provide your current and aspiring leaders with a pragmatic, insightful learning experience that builds their leadership capabilities. 
Team Development
Transforming working groups into cohesive, agile, high performing teams

We love facilitating conversations that enhance teaming and collaboration within the organisations we partner with. Our team development programmes empower teams to identify for themselves the issues and blockers to their effectiveness and to commit to a plan of action that will take their performance from good to great.
Through a blend of facilitated group discussions and activities, teams will develop their own solutions so that they can learn to be adaptable to all the challenges they meet. Whatever their size, we can support your teams to enhance their ability to perform at the highest level.
Fast tracking peak performance for individuals

Coaching is a route to fast-tracking personal development and leadership excellence. Having a coach provides individuals with the opportunity to explore deeper learnings and insights about themselves, how they are perceived and where they can improve. It facilitates powerful learning. 
We provide coaching that it is highly focused and action-orientated. Our experienced coaches operate within the context of the organisation – but are committed to the individual; we support and challenge people to improve their performance by being the best version of themselves. ACP coaches facilitate personal growth and behavioural change that delivers lasting benefits.

Sales Effectiveness
Enabling sales people to genuinely add value to their customers' supply chain

Our sales training doesn't just cover the standard sales techniques, although these are still important skills. In order to succeed, your sales people need to have strong client relationship skills, to build a sustainable and mutually beneficial business partnership.
We align sales training methods with your business strategy, goals, and needs. We develop your staff to have the right mindset. We help your sales team find new ways of understanding your customers. We encourage them to build strong client relationships that are mutually beneficial and that will stand the test of time. 

Insights Discovery®
Every development journey starts with an increase in self-awareness

Self-awareness is the foundation of leadership, teamwork and personal effectiveness. Developing the self-understanding of individuals, teams and leaders will lead to improved communication, enhanced productivity and increased engagement in your business. Insights Discovery® creates personal breakthroughs that can have an immediate impact on people’s performance.
We often use Insights Discovery® as a starting point in our programmes. It helps people not only understand themselves, but also understand others. It increases self-understanding, improves communication, decision-making and ultimately performance.  Armed with these powerful insights, teams and leaders can make the most of their relationships in the workplace.