Terms and Conditions

ACP Training & Development offer a range of learning and development products and services, many of which are designed to specifically meet clients' needs. By ordering any of these products and services, clients agree to the following terms and conditions of business. 

Pricing and Terms of Payment: Pricing will be in Pounds(£) Sterling excluding VAT and payment is required in the same currency within 30 days of invoice. If ACP Training & Development is required to confirm a Purchase Order Number on invoices, the Purchase Order Number must be supplied to Insights in advance of delivery of products and services. 

Expenses: We will charge for all reasonable expenses incurred in relation to the provision of products and services. Wherever possible these will be agreed in advance and we shall make available all receipts and vouchers as requested. 

Cancellation: Cancellation of services by clients will be subject to the following charges: 

  • Cancellation within 28 - 15 days from date of intervention: 50% of fees and materials costs and 100% of non-recoverable expenses.
  • Cancellation within 14 - 1 days from date of intervention: 100% of fees, materials costs and non-recoverable expenses.

Dispute: We will attempt in good faith to resolve any dispute or claim arising out of or relating to the provision of its products and services through negotiations.

Limitations of Liability: Under no circumstances will ACP Training & Development be held responsible for loss sustained by the client due to burglary, theft, fire or any other cause except in so far as such loss is solely attributable to the negligence of ACP Associates or employees acting within the course of their employment.
The client accepts responsibility for the behaviour of its nominees in full and undertakes to indemnify ACP Training & Development against damages and/or personal injury caused to its agents or property as a result of the actions or defaults of its nominees whilst on the premises. 

The terms and conditions specified above constitute the entire contract between ACP Training & Development Ltd and the client. Where they conflict with any other terms and conditions submitted by the client these provisions will prevail unless additions or variations have been agreed to in writing by a Director of ACP Training & Development Ltd.