Tailored team-building for teams of all shapes and sizes

The expanding globalisation of the workplace and the often complex and virtual nature of team working today, means that a team’s capacity to adapt, remain cohesive and collaborate to leverage diversity will determine an organisation’s ability to survive and flourish.
ACP is experienced in transforming working groups into cohesive, agile, high-performing teams, using a blend of facilitation and team coaching. We support team members, both individually and collectively, to identify the issues that are holding back the team’s effectiveness and we then help the team work through them. We create a safe environment to generate honest conversations that trigger transformation.
Sparking insightful conversations to develop high performing, self-managed teams
We deliver engaging and energising team development workshops at team conferences, offsites and away-days that bring people together to renew connections and discuss how they can improve the way they work together. 
Experiential exercises and activities are designed as metaphors for business issues and we ensure the sessions contain the right mix of fun and learning to develop cross-functional teamwork, communication and knowledge sharing.
Teamwork and Collaboration – it pays to invest in the journey
Our team development programmes are designed to:
  • Build trust and sense of belonging
  • Resolve conflict
  • Develop effective team communication
  • Enable teams to discuss issues they have been avoiding
  • Increase levels of commitment and engagement within the team
  • Facilitate team alignment on a shared mission, team goals, communication strategies and action plans
  • Increase creativity and enhance problem solving and decision making 


We offer team effectiveness surveys and a series of workshops that start with the team examining their understanding of the team itself; its purpose, its environment, the team’s culture and dynamics, as well as the team’s competence across core elements of teaming.

Many of our team development programmes use the Insights Discovery® framework to explore the team dynamics that are created by behavioural preferences of individuals that make up the group. We believe that team development is never a one-off event - we work with teams over a period of 6-12 months, making the team accountable for its own development. 
ACP has the right tools and facilitators to help, whatever the mix. Contact us today to find out how we can transform your teams.