Sales training and development that builds customer connection

In our constantly connected, multi-channel world, we are repeatedly bombarded with sales messages. As a result, people are becoming more selective as to who they would like to do business with, be more informed about what competing companies have to offer and increasingly resistant to being ‘sold to’.
So, are your salespeople seen as trusted advisors and business partners for your clients, or pushy individuals who should be avoided? Are they struggling to develop new business relationships or are they guilty of neglecting your existing customers? We help sales teams grow their credibility and become trusted advisors for your customers.
Strengthening consultative selling skills to grow productivity and sales
Top performers know selling today requires leading and selling with questions, rather than answers.Selling is a coaching conversation between the salesperson and prospect or customer. By training and developing your salespeople into consultative sales coaches, wecan help them build strong client relationships, strengthen customer loyalty and add value to their customers supply chain.
ACP can help your sales people develop an understanding of both the preferences of the individual in front of them, as well as the buying needs of the organisation they are influencing. By adopting this personalised approach, they can truly connect with those who already are - and those who could become - great customers and business partners.
Tailored Sales Effectiveness Training Programmes and Workshops
ACP’s sales development programmes help those already in sales, as well as those who are new to the art and science of selling. We can help your sales people succeed to grow your business and to retain more loyal customers.  
Topics include:
  • Insights into Sales Effectiveness
  • Seven steps to effective selling
  • Adaptable influencing skills
  • Building rapport 
  • Effective questioning techniques 
  • SPIN® selling
  • Sales coaching
  • Examining buying motives
  • Benefit selling
  • Personal Impact and Influence
  • Overcoming Resistance
  • Closing the sale
  • Up selling and cross selling
  • Networking for success
  • Account management skills
  • Negotiating win-win

Contact us today so that we can better understand what you need. If you feel we are the right fit, we can then design a sales effectiveness programme tailored to your people and your organisation.