Insights Discovery® - the first step in your journey towards personal, team and leadership effectiveness

Much of the success of our work begins by helping people to uncover who they are and how they impact others. Insights Discovery® is a powerful framework that facilitates conversations that are crucial for individual, team and organisational transformation. 
It introduces a colourful common language that enables leaders and teams to discuss and explore the differences between themselves and others in a neutral and positive way.  It helps them understand why people may think, feel and respond differently to the same situations and circumstances.  
We create insightful conversations that support people to adapt, connect and perform

We believe that the nature of these conversations are the agents of positive change. This tool is invariably an immediate hit, helping to develop self-understanding and behavioural adaptability right across an organisation. Developing the self-awareness of your people, teams and leaders can lead to real breakthroughs in organisational success.

By understanding ourselves and each other we can make a positive difference in everything we do.
A tried and tested learning experience that creates an immediate impact
We use the Insights Discovery® learning system in a variety of settings including leadership and team development programmes, personal effectiveness workshops, away-days and one-to-one coaching.
ACP is an authorised Insights Discovery® Partner and Distributor. ACP’s founder, Anita Pemberton, is also a long-standing member of the UK Faculty delivery team for Insights Discovery® Accreditations. Many of ACP Associates also act as Associate Consultants for Insights, the organisation, and are regularly called upon to deliver Insights Discovery® based solutions for their global clients.
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