PSD Group is a leading Executive and Management recruitment organisation that operates across a range of functions, industry sectors and countries. It has build its reputation upon its ability to deliver outstanding results and exceptional levels of service. PSD are committed to employing and developing high quality consultants.
The Challenge
ACP worked with PSD to create a company wide Sales Development programme using Insights Discovery. PSD chose to work with ACP because they felt that Anita Pemberton had the credibility required to work with both seasoned and experienced consultants as well as their more junior starters.

ACP was asked to design and deliver a Discovery based Sales Effectiveness solution that engaged PSD consultants in London, Germany, Shanghai and Hong Kong, in developing their self-awareness and their ability to meet both client and candidate needs. It was important to be able to increase their ability to influence and support in line with the organisations values of open mindedness; adaptability; accessibility; commitment; success and partnership.

Christina Hoefner, Director, PSD Munich
"I am more conscious about the interaction with others while knowing my colour energy and the one of the others and how I can flex my approach the get the best out of the communication. It increases my impact".

The Solution
The whole organisation went through the Discovery process, from the Chairman and Executive Board, Management, Consultants and support functions. Each individual was given a personal profile, detailing their preferred way to work; how best to communicate with them; and their key communication styles; this was then built into team profiles.

It has shown the participants where they "naturally" sit on the insights wheel, which has led to a better understanding of the traits of their colleagues.

Cyr Cornberg. Director of IT Contracts 
"Team Group sessions with my team were very useful, people were very open and honest. I am assessing the team far more by their colours than before the programme and how I approach and deal with each individual".

The Result
At PSD the effect has been remarkable. Very quickly the common language of colours was established which enabled individuals and teams to consider how they could adapt their communication styles to improve their interpersonal relationships with colleagues, clients and candidates alike.

The programme has helped to develop individuals’ self-awareness and enabled them to understand their personal impact; It challenges them to choose how they manage their own behaviours to get the best out of others; It encourages adaptability – essential for survival in today’s rapidly changing environment

PSD has since been awarded the prestigious Gold Status as an Investors in People organisation.