The Challenge

Puig, an international fashion and fragrance company, invited ACP to provide the leadership development component for several of their high-profile talent programmes. These programmes aimed to develop the company’s emerging millennial talent into young leaders ready to take on senior management roles.

ACP were also brought in to work with specific management teams from different areas of the company to develop their cohesion, alignment and effectiveness through the design and delivery of bespoke development programmes.

The Solution

We used Insights Discovery® within the talent programmes to build participants’ self-awareness and personal effectiveness. The 2-day programmes were highly participative and challenged individuals to reflect on how they achieved personal impact and to develop strategies to optimise their critical peer and manager relationships. This was supported by one-to-one coaching that helped participants to implement their strategies once they returned to the workplace.

ACP facilitators have also worked with a variety of teams across the business to help them increase their effectiveness and achieve specific business goals.

 “ACP’s development programmes are relevant, impactful and highly tailored. They are delivered in a practical, dynamic, enjoyable way, and the environment of trust created in the sessions enables participants to get to the heart of their challenges with the support of their peers. Anita Pemberton is very adept at rapidly assimilating the culture within which she is working, and as a result, has been a perfect fit in all the programmes she has run across the company. She cuts through to where the problems lie; and does so without making people feel uncomfortable.”
The Result

“When you work with ACP you are not contracting a methodology, but rather a partner who understands your business and the challenges you face. They will provide the tools and the environment necessary to identify where change is required, and work with you to develop a strategy to achieve your objectives. The experience is both practical and fun, even though every session requires commitment and hard work.

It is clear that the individuals and teams ACP have worked with now have a clearer understanding of the challenges they face, and are equipped with a language and a strategy to meet them. They are more able to understand where each member of the team is at their best and able to contribute most, and their interactions are more positive and productive. Levels of feedback are noticeably higher and of a better quality. This success is not only due to tools such as Insights Discovery, but crucially to how Anita and her team are able to quickly understand the group, its culture, and the organisational context, and make whatever tools and techniques they bring to the sessions directly relevant to the challenge at hand.”
Strategic Training Manager, international fashion and fragrance company