"For the last five years we have had Anita come to IESE Business School to present how to leverage the Insights Discovery Personal Profile for managing your career more effectively. Her session has systematically been voted among the top two sessions of the Full-time MBA Orientation Week. Anita has an ability to empathise and engage with all types of people, addressing each of their needs for data, pace, concepts and/or belonging. 

Although her sessions are between three and four hours long, her dynamic style in presenting manages to keep her audience engaged, learning, and from time to time, also laughing. 

Last year we tried a new format, presenting part of the session online through a webinar and her style of asking questions to ensure participation again ensured engagement rather than what often happens, a disconnect between teaching and learning. 

A great joy of working with Anita is that she listens to our needs (even when they are not always clearly articulated!) and will adapt her content to them. I would highly recommend both her and her workshops."

Rosie Innes, Associate Director – IESE MBA Career Services