CALA Homes provides exceptionally well designed, beautifully constructed homes in sought-after locations across the UK. They take great pride not just in their product or the levels of their service they give to homebuyers, but they recognise that their team are fundamental to the success of the business.

The Challenge

The company is always striving to help each and every one of its employees to realise their full potential by supporting them in their ongoing development. In recent years, the company almost quadrupled their workforce across eight regional offices. Each office has its own regional operating Managing Director, leading the region independently. Naturally, managing this fast growth bought about its challenges and, to help with this, CALA’s required some external support in the area of leadership and team development.

The Solution

ACP have supported CALA Homes in several ways to assist with strengthening and growing the leadership capabilities within the organisation.

Executive Development and Board Effectiveness

ACP’s founding Director, Anita Pemberton, has provided coaching for individual leaders and has supported Regional Boards in tackling some of their growth challenges through developing the individual and collective effectiveness of the leadership teams.

One solution involved working with a Regional Chairman to provide a series of facilitated away days. These were designed to support and challenge the senior team to improve team effectiveness and to strengthen their cohesion and connectivity as a Board. These sessions ran over a 9-month period and the content flexed to meet the needs of the team and the issues they were facing during that period.

Anita Pemberton has also provided executive coaching for one of CALA Homes’ senior team, enabling improved understanding of leadership impact and working style and exploring how to get the best from the team.

Coaching and Mentoring Skills

ACP were invited to design and deliver a coaching and mentoring module for CALA’s one-year in-house Leadership Development Programme, which is aimed at high potential middle managers. The aim was to help managers to develop a coaching style of leadership to enable them to get more from their teams. A practical module, it aimed to equip managers with the tools and techniques to grow and develop the talent in their teams.

The Result

In the instance of the Regional Chairman working with his Board, this is what he had to say about the outcomes:

“Over the last year, I have seen my Board take a more collective approach to problem solving and strategy setting within our business and I believe our work with Anita has been a contributing factor in this. Our work with Anita aided us in having more honest and more challenging conversations with each other, which was very positive for us as a Leadership team. Anita quickly gained the trust of the team and was an effective facilitator at Board Director level, adapting the delivery to the tangible business challenges we were experiencing at the time.” 
Nick Twine, Regional Chairman

The Managing Director was so impressed with the coaching that he received, he is now carrying forward some of that learning amongst the managers reporting to him - so that they can benefit further as a business.

For the managers on the Leadership Development programme, ACP’s Coaching and Mentoring Skills module helped contribute to improved listening and questioning skills amongst the rising stars. It has enabled them to maximise their strengths and invest in the development of their staff members so they can more effectively support the business.